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Our Mission

Re-defining Africa’s real estate

by empowering individuals to navigate the African real estate market with confidence through innovative technology and localized expertise through our platform.

Discover the African Real Estate Market Like Never Before

Experience the African real estate market like never before with Jenga Realty. Unlock the hidden gems, seize investment opportunities, and find your dream property across Africa.

Tailored Local Expertise

Gain valuable insights and guidance from local African real estate professionals who understand the nuances, customs, regulations, and property trends of each market.

Localized Market Data

Gain a competitive edge with Jenga Realty’s localized market data and insights, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities in African real estate.

Rich Property Information

With Jenga Realty, users can not only browse property listings, schedule viewings, and make offers directly through the app, but also access a wealth, rent out their already purchased property and access other resources to help them navigate the real estate market with ease.


Major African Cities


African Countries

Mobile App

Experience the Power of African Real Estate in the Palm of Your Hand!

  • Learn about local banks offering mortgages and rates
  • Rent out your property through our platform and earn money
  • Get connected with trusted real estate agents
  • Gain access to our pool of lawyers to represent you when making your purchase
  • Schedule viewing at your convenience to view property